It has been an amazing winter for Disnerds. Hardly anyone would have predicted that the latest product from Disney Animation, Frozen, would become an overwhelming success with a staying power at the box office that rivals James Cameron films. Actually, the authorities in predicting and judging box office success said that the film would be considered a success if it could roughly match Tangled’s numbers, Tangled being the previous princess movie released by Disney.

Here are Tangled’s numbers…

And here are Frozen’s…

As you can see, Frozen, which is still playing at theatres has beaten Tangled by a wide margin. Of course, there are several rational reasons for this. For example, the fact that the last weeks of 2013 have seen the US in the grip of a polar vortex and lots and lots of snow on the East Coast, which, so the experts, should help a film called “Frozen” more than films with more unrelated titles. Another reason was the time of release. From Thanksgiving to Christmas Day family movies usually have high season and this year there wasn’t much competition so that Frozen became the first (and only) choice for families. All rational arguments. But there’s so much more to it.

For example, this:

Yes, this. This wonderful scene. This overwhelming, chilling, consoling, revealing and enabling song at the center of the film, sung by the wonderful Idina Menzel, has gripped the minds and hearts of audiences all over the world. A song that celebrates an unapologetic embrace of the soul and shows that accepting one’s true self is still the best way to lead a satisfactory life. It’s a song both for the misfits and the overly adapted, a song that rings true for everyone who for one reason or another feels that society is shoving them into a corner.
And of course, it’s a Disney song. It’s one of the very best Disney songs. There’s much more to Frozen than just this song, great as it is, but when people talk about Disney movies, it’s usually the songs, and who could blame them?

After all, Disney gave us this:

Or this:

Or who could forget this?

It’s these song, more than anything else, that contributed to the Disney castle’s firm foundation in our collective imagionation and fantasy. These songs that have inspired millions of people to overcome their fear and to face life and it’s hardships.
Critics may call them sugary and misleading, but they’re wrong. Yes, it’s highly unlikely that most of its viewers will find the kind of love and happiness portrayed in these movies, but they never promised that. It’s not about mimicking what you see on the screen. It’s about attitude.
What Disney does is give us examples of people facing the odds and taking up arms against fate. It shows us kids who have often experienced the worst tragedy there is – losing one’s parents young – and still pulled through. It teaches us tenacity and audacity and a fundamentally positive attitude toward our world, which is the only one we have, after all.

Facing the odds.
Proving one’s worth.
Working hard to become excellent.
Standing strong for the people you love.

It’s these values that are inherent in the greatest Disney films, and there are many of them.

(Don’t believe me? Here you go:


If they want to make some money selling us merch, who am I to judge?

Man, I love Disney!