There’s good news and bad news. The trailer for the new Jurassic Park is out.

And it sucks.

How can it be that they can’t get the dinosaurs right anymore? You’d think that after twenty years of technological development they’d look better when actually they look … like computer creations. The dinosaurs of Jurassic Park were so popular, I think, because they looked so real. 90% of CGI looks bad and unbelievable, worse than puppets, but in the three Jurassic Park movies, especially the first two, they just got it so right. What went wrong? What?! Maybe they lost their magic PC, I’ve no idea…

And the plot! Apparently they’ve been working for ten years on a new Jurassic Park and THIS is what they’ve ultimately come up with? A modernized rehash with smartphones and fancy vehicles? God, I’m so depressed. But what else do we expect from Hollywood? The quality’s in TV nowadays. Likely, some studio exec thought that the audience wanted just the same again, for nostalgic reasons. That might even be so, but still … the whole thing looks just sooo unoriginal.

Anyway, here’s the trailer, if you haven’t seen it yet: