I’m of the ’89 generation and encountered Avril Lavigne when I was about 13/14. My peers were already listening to Eminem, but Avril felt like the right choice for me. I only understood some lines of the lyrics of Complicated. but that didn’t matter. It was her voice that captured me.

There was a sharpness and aggression to it that mirrored her teenager pain, a pain that resonated real in that voice. It was for me a warning shot of what was to come. She simply sounded like a friend. Then came Sk8er Boi.

The “skater” type seems to have vanished from today’s streets. Now we see programmers and hipsters and programmer hipsters cruise the streets. That seems a little like a shame. Where are the rebellious but peaceful boys wearing pants that are too long and wide and wearing their caps the wrong way? Oh, passage of time, what did you take from us! Anyway, this song coincided nicely with my playing the best skating games in history: Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 3 and 4. I also liked to listen to the song thinking of myself as the sk8ter boi, because I had my shares of secret girl obsessions that I never acted on, but often imagined the way they would reject me. Avril again was my companion.

The final song, well, I don’t quite remember if I listened to it then, but I listen to it now and it seems like the end of cute, honest teenage Avril that for me perfectly encompassed that phase of my life.

So, it might be a little foolish, and I might be a little intoxicated + it’s late right now, but … oh fuck it, I love Avril Lavigne!