Christie eviscerates Rubio! + Funniest fail video of the month!!

It was painful, stunning and bizarre to watch all at the same time.

In last night’s Republican primary debate on ABC, Chris Christie completely demolished Marco Rubio. Boy, what a defeat it was! In the words of Donald Trump, which really seem appropriate here: A complete disaster! Terrible, terrible! Bad!

For a few days after his third place „victory“ in Iowa, Marco Rubio was soaring high. By the sheer law of „momentum“ (what exactly that is noone seems completely sure about, but everyone knows what it refers to), Rubio seemed destined to glide into the coveted position of the establishment alternative to circus clown Trump and snake-oil salesman Ted Cruz.

Well, after Chris Christie knocked Rubio into yesterday Jersey-style, Rubio’s fragile ascent now seems once again put into question.

I won’t re-tell their exact exchange, you can watch it here

but I will say this:

How on earth could Rubio not anticipate and cover his most obvious weaknesses – lack of executive experience and a perceived void in his political personality – beforehand? How could he react to the accusations in just the way that was criticized? Accused by Christie of using canned remarks in debates and on the campaign trail, thus being being all talk, he responded by opening the same can no less than four times! And the audience noticed. In no other Republican debate has one candidate been so consistently booed as in this one. If this episode doesn’t do lasting damage to his brand as the up-and-comer, it would be a miracle.

And now from the bewildering to the amusing. The debate got off to a rough start when Ben Carson had trouble hearing his anouncement. In my opinion, the moderators are as much to blame as him,; however, whatever Trump was up to in this scene I really have no idea.