So, you guys have probably noticed the trailer for Netflix’s sequel to “Full House”.
I still remember this show running as part of the early evening program when I was a kid. And even though I only watched it sporadically when I couldn’t find anything better to do to pass the time until FRIENDS!!!, the new trailer tugs on my heartstrings. The music, the house, the actors, the 90s slang… – you just want to lean back and let yourself get immersed in the atmosphere of TV evenings long since gone.

And yet, I can’t help but feel a little bad about this.
Lately, it seems that nostalgia is a huge part of culture. Ever since the Internet giants started acting as curators of (pop) culture with the power to revive that which we deemed long lost, we are being smeared with the self-referential hype of fairly new, fairly shallow sitcoms that seem dated because they don’t have smartphones in them. It just seems like such a very capitalist thing to do: Take something you squeezed all money out of a decade ago, repackage it und sell it again! It’s the perfect cycle! A typical example of the commoditization of culture. You know you can’t stop it, and you’ll probably watch it, but on some level you feel sick about it.

If we experience such big nostalgia for things from a few years ago, maybe we should take action to improve our present.