I want you to subscribe to this channel.

Do it.

Do it now.

It’s so funny, so smart, so sharp.

Jimmy Dore is part of The Young Turks Network, another awesome thing on YouTube I’ll write about soon. His channel is of the Daily Show school, where you comment on current political events and show the absurdity of much of it.

There are two things I like more about Jimmy Dore than I liked about John Stewart and like about Stephen Colbert:

He’s very dry, very controlled.

And he’s very, very, very partisan. Unapologetically so. We’re living in an age in which the truth about politics comes increasingly out of the mouth of comedians. Might as well embrace it.

My personal ranking for now: Jimmy Dore -> Jon Stewart -> Stephen Colbert / Trevor Noah.

Really, more people need to subscribe to this channel.