The Warcraft movie is pretty awesome. Great CGI. It just works. Terrific facial details on the orcs. Couldn’t really tell if one of the lead characters was played by Thorin or by Fili from The Hobbit. Funny note: Turns out it’s neither. It’s a guy called Ben Foster. So, yeah.

The action is pretty great, especially the magical action. Over-the-top digital effects are definitively more fitting here than they were in the Hobbit movies.

I don’t know, though, how people who are not familiar with the games will react to it. It’s hard to look through that lense. I have a feeling they might not get enough information and feel a little annoyed at the strange names. Azeroth. Karazhan. Stormwind (more normal, still raises a flag with certain people, I venture). On the other hand – if you didn’t like strange names and monsters, why would you go see a high, high, HIGH fantasy movie?

The plot itself is simple enough: Invaders (orcs) from a dying world appear through a magical gate and have to re-open it to get the rest of their troops to the other sides. The local humans want to keep the gate closed. There’s a human-orc romance that is definitely way better than Desolation’s dwarf on elf show  (daymn is that orc lady hawt!) and there’s a rivalry between awesome wizards.

I liked all the actors, except, perhaps, for the king. He seemed a little too stereotypical for me. But it could be the costume’s fault. The long hair and the beard – it looks like straight from a children’s book. Learn from Game of Thrones, people!

All in all a great film, though. I say: More, please!