How could you not be awed by everything that has happened and is happening on this blue ball that thanks its existence to a point of infinite density exploding into an ever (?) expanding universe? Yes, there has been a lot of violence. Terrible, cruel, senseless violence. But the acts of love have been just as great. There is no dark, no white. There is only dark and white. History is full of it:

the Holocaust
the Renaissance
Nero burning Rome
Rome being built
Napoleon brilliantly conquering Europe
Napoleon introducing the Code Civil
the witch hunts
the Founding Fathers
Abraham Lincoln
New York City

No single life could ever grasp all the accomplishments, all the acts of barbarism, acts of bravery, sacrifices and terrors humanity has spread over the globe.But culture can give us the means to at least get a brief glance at many of them. That’s why culture is everything, however you want to define it:

Now be invited to take a look at this brief list of awesome things in our immediate present I’ve come up with on the spot:

the musical Hamilton
Infinite Jest by David Foster Wallace
the Austrian Cultural Forum New York
the American soldiers stopping the terrorist on the train in Belgium
Game of Thrones
Mario Kart 8
Discworld movies
Neil Gaiman

This is just the kernel of the list. I could add dozens, hundreds of things, thousands, probably, if I thought really hard. But you get the idea. Life is to be explored, whatever it takes!

What are the things you would add? What is awe-inspiring for you?