While I abhor Trump, I cannot help but entertain feelings of schadenfreude and dark, bitter, spiteful glee when I see the official_portrait_of_barack_obamafaces of White House staff who know that their work of the past 8 years is about to be ground into dust by Trump.

Well deserved, is all I can say to that. President Donald J. Trump is the legacy Barack Obama leaves behind, and nothing more. While other actors of the Democratic party are equally to blame for this institution’s blatant disregard of the downtrodden, it was Obama who for the past eight years served as its leader. It would have been incumbent on him to change the disastrous process of corruption that resulted in the white working class no longer feeling represented by Democrats and believing a reality-TV star and specimen of the class that is responsible for the current state of affairs to be their savior.

Barack Obama ran as a progressive in 2008 and and since then has time and time again proved a corporatist. He is a symbol of a deeply corrupted Democratic party elite believing it can use social issues as a fig leaf to conceal that they are as bought by and beholden to the interests of Big Money as the Republicans. Indeed, increasingly it looks like the only difference between a Democrat and a Republican is whether they allow abortion or not. Yes, to be entirely fair, there’s also gay rights, gun control and environmental protection. But in the big, central, looming question of Big Money and its death grip on U.S. politics, the donkey and the elephant wear the same stripes.

If Obama had done more for the minimum wage and the forgotten industrial workers and hopeless millennials in an increasingly cut-throat, wage-slavery promoting  work market, if he had been less in bed with the banks and the TPP lobby, if he had not just acted the man of the people but actually been with them, if he had fought at least once against the Republicans’ abysmal obstructionism and not bowed to them by appointing people like Robert Gates or James Comey (how did that work out for you?), in other words, if he had been a progressive on economic problems at least a few times, he would now have a trace of a legacy.

Instead, he obeyed his corporate masters, just like the rest of his pitiful carcass of a party. And now President Trump will wipe out whatever he thought he was hoping to leave behind. Well deserved. You failed us, Obama.