It’s beyond me why people still think money matters in politics. Bernie almost beat Hillary with 27$-at-a-time support and Trump annihilated Jeb Bush, who blew more than a 100 million dollars, in the primaries and subsequently Hillary Clinton.

When oh when will the parties get it into their heads? We’re living in a new reality now. The side with more Big Money donors LOSES!

To be fair, we’re talking about people who likely went into politics for  the money in the first place. If you drained the green river, the field would suddenly lose all appeal for them. And I say: Good riddance! These nicely groomed, well-spoken professionals  enter politics for one reason and one reason only: to later be rewarded by high-paying lobbying or consulting jobs. They want to make themselves valuable to the fat cats, ideals be damned!

So we shouldn’t expect either the Republican or the Democratic Party to change anything about the system unless the American people stand up united and scream it at them in one voice. Trump’s election has been one such scream, but many in the establishment still refuse to hear. But we cannot give up. The fate of the nation now depends on whether Americans can put aside their differences in social and cultural views and unite on this one issue. Progressives have to lead here, and they aren’t allowed to be picky about their allies. They have to accept that many Americans are uncomfortable with the pace of multiculturalism and social change. It’s now clear that social change can’t be ordered from above. It has to grow organically. 

That doesn’t mean that liberals should abandon their message of social inclusiveness, but the time of smug finger wagging has definitely come to an end. No more safe spaces. Instead, see the big picture. When living conditions improve for all Americans, bigotry and hate will decline as well.