The Democratic Party is a sinking ship. What weighs it down is all the cash Wall Street representatives are heaping on its establishment. Democratic politicians don’t represent working people anymore. They are completely bought and paid for. Essentially, they are Republicans except for the fact that they are more lenient on social matters. There are two reasons for this:

  1. There must be a fig leaf of distinction between the parties so that their identical cowing before the billionaires becomes disguised.
  2. Donors, who are similar on both sides of the aisle, are often more liberal than the base. As long as it doesn’t cost them, they are willing to allow gay marriage. Also, they know that discrimination is bad for business.

So except for these instances, rich people possess two vehicles for their interests, whereas working people possess none. As comedian Jimmy Dore says memorably: Rich people have two parties, ordinary Americans have none!

The unabashed pursuance of even the pettiest financial interests of corporate entities must be broken. Luckily, there is an easy recipe how to make the parties realign. It is so easy that it is often being overlooked and it goes like this:

Roughly forty percent of Americans identify as independents. If just a majority of them were to be won for a theoretical third party, this party would win a presidential election. Currently, all Americans, no matter where on the political spectrum they are, recognize that both major parties don’t work for them but for corporations. This has been proven scientifically.

What does this mean for the chances of a third party? Well, if there were one that put the abolishment of legal corruption on its flags, it would vacuum up not only many independents but large swaths of the major parties as well. If the American public were presented with a new caste of politicians who treated politics not as a delightful, high-salaried game, a door would swing open that could never be closed again. Not ever. A path to a brighter future would emerge.

The starting shot for this process has to come from progressives who were abandoned by the Democratic Party. Ideally, the would fuse with the Greens and create a pro-climate, pro-worker, anti-corruption and pro-inclusion party. They would demonstrate their fierce partisanship for the 90% of Americans who are not benefitting from the economy. This would, in my theory, even create bridges to those people who have been convinced that minorities are their enemies when it is in fact the riggers at the top. A new sense of community and partnership would emerge and slowly drain the poison of moneyed propaganda from the system.

The burden is on the uncorrupted remnants of the Democratic Party to free themselves from the rest of the carcass of this political entity and plunge ahead. There’s nothing to lose anymore. Hope lies ahead. Break the wheel.