I’m not an American, but I follow U.S. politics closely. As I read the 2016 coverage, I began to realize how deeply and repulsively agenda-guided the commentary of the major news networks and many of the websites was. While on the surface it looks like there are news organizations with biases leaning to the left or right, the reality is that all the networks with huge audiences are co-opted by Big Money and the political establishment class who works for the former.

News shouldn’t be a money-making machine, it should serve as a trusted check of power.

That’s why I support The Young Turks Network by being a 10$/month-member and donating to their campaign to finance investigating reporting teams. Journalism by multibillion-dollar companies has degenerated into commenting and perpetuating a certain angle on the news. What we need, however, is good old investigating reporting. That is just what Cenk Uygur, the CEO and head anchor of the progressive show,  promises to do for a total sum of two million dollars, to be raised from small contributions of 3$ upwards. The first goal has already been met; five hundred thousand dollars have been reached. Here’s the announcement:



I really, really believe in this cause and would like for you to donate as well. But check them out yourselves before parting with precious being bling. These are great people and they won’t let you down if you give them your support.