There’s an interesting interview with Bill Gates about his reading habits on

While Gates doesn’t strike me as an avid fiction reader, I found it very, very interesting to read that The Great Gatsby is one of his favorite works and one that he rereads repeatedly.

It’s obvious to point out the irony in the idea that the world’s richest man likes reading Fitzgerald’s iconic tale about the idea of wealth, self, craving and illusion. So obvious, in fact, that I wonder if it’s not a PR answer.

But if it’s not, can you imagine what he thinks and feels reading about Gatsby? Does he see Jay in a positive light, does he see him as a failure, a swindler, as delusional? Does he think back into his own past when he was in a position similar to Gatsby’s?  Even the names sound similar! If Gatsby tried to live the American Dream, and Gates really achieved it, what would attract the latter about the former?

Fascinating speculations.

But maybe Gates is just looking for inspiration for his new Long Island home or something.